Oak knoll Farms purchased it’s first closed flock of Rideau Arcotts in 2008.  The farm started off with a producing flock of 25 ewes,  gradually expanding to a small flock of 100. The Gregson’s prefer Rideau Arcott rams to produce purebred lambs to increase flock numbers.  Rideau Arcotts were chosen for prolificacy, durability, longevity, mothering and lamb numbers.   The quest then began for David and Victoria to find a different breed of ram to crossbreed with their ewe flock for market lamb qualities.   They looked for high lean weight gain (even on grass alone), carcass quality and thick muscling.   The answer was the crossing of the Ile de France ram.

Oak knoll Farms prides itself on the tenderness, palate and marbling of their lamb. Step one – the crossbreeding. Step two – the feed program.  All the livestock including the sheep/lamb are fed natural diets, with no hormones.  The sheep and lamb have full access to pasture, water and shelter. That being said, it is not summer year round.  When the flock comes into the barn, they are fed high quality hay, first and second cuts,  and custom rations that include dry corn/corn silage.  Creep feed for the growing lambs is a quality creep with rolled corn, wheat and molasses.  The lambs are not rushed to gain and are also kept on their mothers till the mother weans the lamb off giving the real meaning to milk fed lamb!

Our flock lambs out several times a year making lamb and lamb sizes more readily available for our custom freezer orders.  Also available are unaltered lambs if pre-ordered.

Lambs are processed and butchered at government inspected facilities. Oak Knoll Farms utilizes:

Processing: Peel Sausage Abattoir Inc. – Drayton, Ontario
Butcher: Frank Meyer, Prop./Meyer Meats, – Guelph, Ontario


Whole Lamb hanging weight – $7.00/LBS


Live weight – 104LBS
Hanging weight (processed, cut & wrap) – 42LBS
Total charged to customer – $294.00

prices subject to change without notice