Not satisfied with commercial jarred goods, Victoria started to create her own recipes as well as use family and friend’s recipes.  Every year the Gregson family plants a vegetable and fruit garden, to assist Victoria in using the freshest ingredients possible.  For ingredients that are not found in the garden, she supports other local farmers by purchasing their produce.   Feeling confident she entered her preserves in local fair competitions achieving winning results.  With that encouragement, and the encouragement of family and friends, Victoria offered her jams, jellies, and jarred goods for customers.

Victoria does all her preserving at a government inspected facility.

strawberry-rhubarb, rhubarb, blueberry, raspberry, pear with lemon, vanilla pear, pear spice, peach, peach marmalade.

corn, zucchini, hotdog

beets, pickles

These are just a peek at what is available.