Heifer AI Management Program

Welfare of the animals and the producer/owner future needs are priority # 1 at Oak Knoll Farms.

David and Victoria work along with the owner/producers team. By team they mean veterinarian, feed company, nutrition advisor and genetics company. In the past when approached, the Gregsons have also brought in their team members with the request of the producer.

Oak Knoll Farms offers a premium facility to house up to 70 heifers. The farm normally takes a large number of heifers from one producer who is looking to increase their numbers but lacking in their own space, feed and man power. With large numbers of heifers from one producer, Oak Knoll Farms offers a closed facility working with that farm alone. With that said there may be circumstances available to open the barn to several small herds, obtaining clean herd health certificate from each owner/producer before entering the premise.

The farms facility includes the main barn with natural air circulation and ventilation fans. There are three different sections in the main barn.

Section 1. 32’x12’ with 32’ feed bunk space.
Section 2. 32’x 25’ with 32’ feed bunk space.
Section 3. 32’x 25’ with 32’ feed bunk space.

The main barn is very functional and not limited to three sections, swing gates open up to a holding area that enables the cows to enter a cattle squeeze for AI servicing, ultrasound and other hands on applications.

Outdoor concrete pad offers approximately 3600 square feet of space that leads to an enclosed 32’x64’ pole barn. Weather pending the pole barn can be opened for maximum air flow. This area also has a 50’ double sided bunk feeder.

Pasture is also a seasonal option. The barnyard opens up to 16 acres of grass pasture below the barn which is divided up into smaller sections at times to allow for pasture rotation. Above the barnyard is 16 acres of land that is rotated between crops and pasture.

Oak Knoll Farms provides dry hay (1st & 2nd cuts), corn silage, housing, pasture (when available), balage (additional cost for wrap), bedding (straw/shavings) bin storage and use of an on farm maintained semen tank. The producer/owner provides any supplement, mineral, pellet, feed commodity (wheat, barley, corn etc.) semen services, veterinarian costs, hoof trimmer, any other service not mentioned above.

David provides an in house AI service. As a graduate from the University of Guelph David did part take in the artificial insemination course sponsored by Gencor receiving certification. David has over twelve year’s experience in providing the service and a proven record with pregnancies. David and Victoria frequent the barn regularly to observe and detect any heifers that may be cycling and with the readiness of stored semen on the premise David is able to provide a prompt AI service. This is an additional $10 per service. If the producer requests to have their own AI technician, that is welcomed also. Blood withdrawals are provided if needed.

This is a basic outline about Oak Knolls Farms Heifer AI Management Program. The Gregsons encourage a very open relationship with the owner/producer which leads to the best results…David and Victoria look forward to growing with you into the future!

Please contact David for space availability, questions or concerns. References available