During the warmer times of the year the fourth generation farmers Amber, Clayton, and soon Brody, take on raising chickens.  The children take on the responsibilities of watering, feeding, bedding and basic care (supervised by Mom & Dad!).

Chickens are fed a premixed ration provided by Floradale Feeds.  Also provided are vegetable leftovers from the farms vegetable garden and dry corn.

Oak Knoll Farms prefer to raise White Rock Cornish X.  This is a meat only type bred bird.  Chicks are purchased at a week old and stay on the farm till finish, at approximately 11 weeks of age.  Raising this breed of bird is challenging due to the high weight gain.  The chickens average a size of 6lbs to 8+lbs.  After processing chickens are bagged, labelled and contain giblets inside the body cavity.  Wholesome and healthy, easily feeds a hungry family.

Chickens are processed at a government inspected facility.  Oak Knoll Farms utilizes E.N.S. Poultry in Elora, Ontario.



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