Beef is no stranger to Oak Knoll Farms. A small herd of registered Black Angus cattle was purchased by David’s father Wayne in 2007. When David and Victoria bought the farm they took over the beef herd as well. Keeping the herd size small is what works best for them, paying close attention to cow’s individual needs. Black Angus was chosen for great mothering; ease in calving and of course the excellence in meat quality in every aspect. The Black Angus herd consists of 18 cow calf pairs in addition to a limited few Limousin and Simmental cows.

Broadening their horizons David and Victoria are always trying to get the best out of their cattle, a short trip south introduced the couple to a new breed of bovine… Brangus. This is Black Angus crossbred with Brahman. Brahman cattle are renowned for fast gains, fact known that these calves gain more weight per day of age than any other breed. Carcasses are known for high cut ability resulting in a high yielding carcass with limited fat. Oak Knoll Farms is now proud to introduce their growing herd of registered Brahmans. Started with one, and have slowly built up by breeding to the best beef type Brahman sires around the world. Soon, Brangus beef will be available for custom orders.

Oak Knoll Farms has a long history with cattle and feed programs. With a dairy background the farm knows what you put into the cow you will get out of the cow. The cattle are all slow, naturally raised beef with no hormones or growth implants. Grower calves stay with the cow until nine months of age and weaned. Feeder cattle are then sent for processing about 18 months resulting in a hanging weight of 500-700lbs. The cows are raised on pasture. When seasons change and the herd heads for shelter, they will be sure to find what they need. Working alongside the farm nutritional advisor the cattle are fed a combination of hay, balage, dry & high moisture corn, corn silage and free choice mineral.   When the crops come off, hay is baled; all is analysed to ensure the cattle are getting the best balanced diet that can be provided.  The proof of a perfected feed program is in the beef….literally.  Customers referrals being the biggest compliment of all!

At Oak Knoll Farms we are custom freezer orders- what you want is what you get. Customers also have split meat orders amongst themselves to reduce the cost.

Feeder cattle are processed and butchered at government inspected facilities. Oak Knoll Farms utilizes:

Processing: Peel Sausage Abattoir Inc. – Drayton, Ontario
Butcher: Frank Meyer, Prop./Meyer Meats, – Guelph, Ontario


Whole  (500-700 lbs) –  $4.50/lbs.
Half  (250-350 lbs) – $4.50/lbs.
Quarter (125-175 lbs) –  $4.50/lbs.

prices subject to change without notice