Oak Knoll Farms… Best Choice… Naturally

Welcome to Oak Knoll Farms. The farm is located in central Ontario in the scenic rolling hills of Hillsburgh. Oak Knoll Farms was established in 1944 by Douglas and Peggy Gregson. Presently owned and operated by David and Victoria Gregson, they are proud to be raising a 4th generation of Gregson’s on the farm. The farm has seen many changes over the years from a dairy operation to raising heifers, beef, lamb and chickens. Oak Knoll Farms has not changed the commitment for care or welfare for all the animals and overall strive for excellence.

Having the finest for their family and friends is of top importance. Customizing your own freezer order whether being Oak Knoll Farms premium Black Angus beef, market lamb or roaster chicken you are getting the finest for your family and friends. We ensure our herds and flocks are getting a high quality natural diet. NO GROWTH IMPLANTS, HORMONE INJECTIONS, BY-PRODUCTS OR FEEDLOT ENVIRONMENT. Oak Knoll Farms is a true full working farm from working the land to planting and harvesting. The majority of all the farm animal’s diets and needs are derived from the very same farm. Oak Knoll Farms line up of jarred preserves is no exemption. Only using the freshest ingredients largely found in the families own vegetable and fruit garden. The success of Oak Knoll Farms can be attributed to lots of hard work, attention to detail and adoration for the animal.